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Speakap Jobs

In search for a new challenge? Speakap is always looking for new developers, account managers or other talented co-workers. Have a look in our Jobs section.

Senior UX Designer

You are like a compass in a dark forest, a beacon on a foggy mountain top, guiding users through any digital environment with effortless calm. With your combination of experience ...

Vacancy Senior UX Designer

(Field) Account Executive

We are searching for an exceptional sales person to focus on our largest customers and opportunities. The successful candidate will understand their customers’ business objectives ...

Speakap Vacancy

Sales Development Representative

We are looking for a Sales Development Rep. to join our Sales team and focus on our future customers. This segment represents a huge opportunity for Speakap and we want someone ...

Vacancy Sales Sales Development Representative

Customer Success Manager

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much but we at Speakap currently have more than 300 customers and we’re growing fast. So many customers, so many expectations to be ...

Speakap Vacancy

Second Line Support Engineer

As second line support engineer you're responsible for answering and solving technical questions from Customer Success Managers and Customer Support. You're good at explaining ...


Senior Android Engineer

We’re looking for people who are passionate about creating great Android applications. Are you as comfortable composing efficient layouts that work well across various screen ...

Vacancy software engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

As a member of the backend team, your primary focus will be the development of the API. Forming the core of the Speakap platform, this is the webservice that all clients, ...

Vacancy software engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

As a frontend developer at Speakap, you work on various aspects of Speakap’s main web frontend, which targets both desktop and mobile. You also work on various smaller, dedicated ...

Vacancy software engineer

Senior iOS Engineer

Use your extensive knowledge of Objective-C and Swift to improve the Speakap iOS app, a complex completely native application relied upon by tens of thousands of users every day. ...

Vacancy software engineer