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iOS Tech Lead

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Full time

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We don't want to be biased or anything, but working as an iOS Tech Lead at Speakap is pretty damn cool!

You'll lead a team of 3 iOS developers to improve our white labels and the main app. You 'll continuously smash software deliverables, codebase, and development processes. You'll take people's expertise, willingness, and happiness to the next level. You'll even have a secret name: 'The Gatekeeper.'

Told you the job is cool...

What you'll do: 

  • Maintain a team environment that enables continuous improvement of the quality of our apps and underlying codebases. 
  • Maintain the technological roadmap of the iOS apps. 
  • Implement and enforce best practices and standards. 
  • Create the right circumstances for the team members to use their skills effectively, and to help them grow. 
  • Streamline the development and release processes of the iOS apps, including the automation of the build and release process of hundreds of branded apps. 
  • Use your extensive knowledge and experience to discuss architectural design and choice of technologies. 
  • Collaborate with developers of all disciplines and platforms on delivering new features and improvements.

What you'll bring:

  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication and motivational skills, complemented by a positive attitude.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience.
  • In-depth experience with Swift and Objective-C and modern iOS APIs.
  • Deep knowledge of the latest advancements in the latest iOS versions.
  • Experience building and debugging complex systems in a team environment.
  • Extensive experience architecting features and unit testing them completely.
  • Knowledge of most common architectures and their pros and cons.
  • Expertise in building complex layouts with UIKit and desire to learn SwiftUI.
  • Familiarity with Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Experience with fastlane, automation and continuous integration.
  • Experience with Carthage and other major open-source iOS projects.
  • Proficiency in git.
  • Experience with Scrum.
  • A healthy dose of self-awareness and a desire to improve your skills

What we offer:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly colleagues.
  • A pleasant work environment.
  • The chance to help build an exciting new communication platform.
  • Regular drinks, quality lunches, a foosball table and the latest MacBooks.
  • Plenty of room for your own ideas.

  *Agencies should not respond to this vacancy

Up for the job?

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For more information, please contact:

Amsterdam Office

Denise van Egdom