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Director Sales & Customer Success, EMEA

Amterdam, The Netherlands

Full time

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Let's start with the big stuff..

Imagine connecting thousands of people through your work. Now, that’s powerful. Imagine a career where no two days are the same. Where your love for people and your love for technology aren’t at odds with one another. A career where creativity and data are perfectly paired to uncover unimaginable opportunities, and connect thousands of people in meaningful ways. 

If this sounds like a career you could thrive in, come join us at Speakap.

This is what we do

Speakap is an internal communications app that can reach employees anywhere, anytime, whether in the office or on shop floors. Working closely with some of the world's biggest organizations, we help turn dispersed staff into connected communities. Because communication is the bridge that connects people. It reminds us that there is more that connects us than divides us. We are on a mission to connect hearts and minds across the global workforce.

How you’ll help us change the conversation as our Director Sales & Customer Success

To be frank - we have built an amazing company over the last decade. Our product is used by some of biggest brands of the world such as IKEA, McDonald's, Rituals and Nike. And we are far from done. At Speakap, we believe we can always improve what we do and how we do it. And that's where fresh perspectives and extremely talented people come in. 

From the humble beginnings of our founders as retail managers working to solve a communication challenge they faced first-hand, we’ve expanded the company globally from Lelystad to New York, growing hundreds of % year over year, and are not slowing down any time soon.

While we are still very much on this journey, we have already learned a lot and are changing our ways in order to grow faster, healthier and smarter. Historically, the commercial teams in Europe were ran siloed and depended a lot on the involvement of the management team. When we forward to today, the complexity of our organisation has increased making the stakes  higher than ever. To become better at the commercial things we do, we are bringing the customer success and sales teams together. That's where you come in.  You will lead change to achieve the following:

  • Happier customers which will lead to a higher CLV

  • Increased revenue from existing customers by upsells

  • A better balance between day to day operation and strategic account management

  • A smoother handover from sales to customer success

  • One way of working across markets and teams to allow us to quickly see what’s working

Don't forget though - we hire great talent to tell us what to do.


What you’ll bring to the table

You’ve got what it takes to be a creative problem-solver, decision maker and an all-encompassing leader of the pack. You’re ambitious yet empathetic, seek out opportunity and have a genuine curiosity that grows your understanding of the world around you. You’re a futurist, and know how to balance the realities of our business demands without sacrificing blue-sky thinking.

Here are a few things we hope you will bring:

  • You are a strategic, analytical thinker who isn’t afraid to roll up your  sleeves and get into the weeds

  • You excel in day-to-day managing of a large team based on hard and soft metrics

  • You have 8+ years experience in a customer-facing role

  • You have 5+ years experience in a people manager role where you managed over 10 FTE directly

  • You have led revenue generating teams to triple digits growth

  • You have implemented and used sales & customer success technology, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Gainsight, ChurnZero, Aircall, to scale revenue through automation and standardisation instead of tailor-made playbooks

  • You have a track-record in innovating the way revenue is generated (we all love Saleshacker here in the office!)

  • You have strong operational skills to drive internal initiatives and projects forward

  • You get bonus points if you have worked in a global organization as well as scale-up environment

  • You get bonus points if you have worked with HR leaders and/or HR tech providers in the past


Oh, and one last thing…

We want to be a launchpad for entrepreneurs and the extraordinary. When you join Speakap, you are truly part of a community that invests in you. You join people from all walks of life who not only have a seat at the table, but also a bold voice. So, come tell us your vision. Tell us the impact you hope to make through your work. We’re all ears.

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For more information, please contact:

Amsterdam Office

Irene Snijder