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Frontend Developer (Web) - Open Application

Full-time · based in Amsterdam

Things that grow fast: bamboo (some species up to 91cm per day!); YouTube (300 hours of video uploaded every minute); the bacteria strain Bacillus stearothermophilus (can double its bodyweight every 10 minutes); and Speakap.

And that growth is set to continue as the marketing team is now in search of a wonderful web developer who can turn exceptional words like these ⇧ and our fantastic designs and turn them into outstanding online experiences.

We're currently working on the new Speakap website and, as our resident expert, you will be given the role of 'website chief'. You know everything about the technical side of the website and will work a lot with tools such as Hubspot, Zendesk and Wordpress. Plus, you can help your, ahem, erm... "less technical" marketing colleagues with questions about these tools.

While getting the new Speakap site up and running is pretty exciting, the thought of further developing and optimizing the site based on graphic and functional designs should get you all hot under the collar too. Oh yeah, and you'll also need to develop e-mail templates, landing pages and modules for the marketing team.

PLEASE NOTE - this is an open vacancy. We are not actively looking for candidates for this position, but always open to hear from talent like you!

Duties & responsibilities

  • As a front-end expert you’ll bridge the gap between marketing and IT

  • You are responsible for developing and maintaining our marketings websites and email templates (company website, developer portal, blog, jobs portal)

  • You translate designs (delivered by designers) to pixel perfect implementable HTML, CSS and Javascript and you make sure that this works seamlessly on all types of devices and browsers.


  • Minimum HBO-level education (or equivalent experience) in Communication & Multimedia Design or similar areas.

  • Your portfolio shows you’re skilled in building responsive websites and email templates.

  • You like working in teams, but you’re also good at working autonomously.

  • You are proactive, have your own opinion and you like to present new ideas.

  • You understand possibilities (and impossibilities) of HTML/CSS/Javascript.

  • You have experience in using GULP and GIT.

  • You can earn bonus points through experience with HubSpot.  

What we offer

  • A job of minimal 32 hours at a young organization with clear goals and a lively, multicultural environment.

  • Space for creativity, independence and personal growth.

  • A good salary.

  • Parties and drinks with colleagues.

  • 25 holiday days and the possibility to work from home when necessary.

  • Travel allowance.

  • A MacBook Pro.

  • Daily fresh lunch at the office.


Speakap is a secure and private platform that enables organizations of all sizes to reach and engage with their highly-valued frontline employees in order to deliver greater customer experiences and business value.

In the store, warehouse, kitchen, floor, production line, field or on the road… Speakap is always available, enabling communication and collaboration from any internet-connected device. From the head office to the frontline employee, and back again.

Speakap is currently used by more than 300 companies in 27 countries around the world. Market leaders such as IKEA, Rituals, Intercontinental Hotels, McDonalds and Hudson's Bay all engage smarter through Speakap.

Creating a committed and diverse workplace where we learn from each other is central to Speakap’s values. We welcome people with different backgrounds, experiences, qualities and perspectives. We offer a friendly and welcoming workplace and believe wholeheartedly in equal opportunities for everyone.



Up for the job?

Apply here

For questions reach out to: annelies.boer@speakap.nl /+(0)20 820 4296.

Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated, so please don’t bother.