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Senior Android Engineer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Full time

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Is creating great Android applications like second nature to you? Do you get energized by owning and cracking the challenges of new projects? Are you as comfortable composing efficient and flexible layouts as you are debugging performance issues in the persistence layer?

We need you!

What you'll do:

  • You've been around for a few API levels, and you know how to delight Android users.
  • You have extensive knowledge of building apps with the right architecture, and you know that low-level decisions can affect user experience.

Speakap on Android is used by tens of thousands of people every day – we need engineers who want to make that experience unforgettable.


What you'll bring:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field; or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience. 
  • Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, and programming languages. 
  • At least five years of software engineering experience, at least three in Android app development, preferably in a team environment. 
  • Extensive understanding of Android framework components, lifecycles, UI design principles, best practices, managing state. 
  • Good understanding and experience with event-driven programming, RxJava, Kotlin, and dependency injection. 
  • Good understanding of modern Android architectural patterns. 
  • Excellent understanding of best practices for networking and concurrency. 
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the capabilities of different Android API levels.
  • Experience developing performant code and the ability to diagnose performance bottlenecks. 
  • Experience with Android software testing. 
  • A disciplined approach to development, testing, documentation, and code structure in a team environment. 
  • Experience working closely in cross-functional teams and collaborating with product owners, designers, and other developers. 
  • A desire to constantly improve, learn, and improve things. 
  • Ability to maintain quality when there are time constraints.
  • Ability to work in an Agile environment.


Bonus Points for:

  • Vivid interest in building social media and chat apps. 
  • Experience with automation, scripting, CI. 
  • Knowledge of GraphQL may be a plus. 
  • A self-starter. 
  • A passion for building and maintaining open source projects or otherwise contributing to the Android community. 
  • Experience with web development, distributed systems, and parallel processing.


What we offer:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly colleagues;
  • A pleasant work environment;
  • The chance to help build an exciting new communication platform;
  • Regular drinks, quality lunches, a foosball table, and the latest MacBooks;
  • Plenty of room for your own ideas;
  • Budget for personal growth, attending tech conferences, workshops, and hackathons.


Up for the job?

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For more information, please contact:

Amsterdam Office

Denise van Egdom