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Second Line Support Engineer

Full-time · Amsterdam

As second line support engineer you're responsible for answering and solving technical questions from Customer Success Managers and Customer Support. You're good at explaining technical problems. In addition, you contribute to increasing the knowledge database and you think of innovative ways to improve the IT-experience of our collegues and customers. We're a fast growing organisation and currently professionalising our support department.

This is the perfect opportunity for the starting developer. You get to learn all about software development within a rapidly changing and versatile environment, to eventually grow into a solid part of the development team. 

The job

You're working together closely with engineers from the development team, and besides you're the point of contact for external developers, who you'll be supporting in developing apps, integrations and connections with our API. 

  • Connect new networks, redesign and configurate existing Speakap networks.
  • Examine issues by diving deeply into logfiles and databases (such as MySQL).
  • Write scripts to simplify returning tasks.
  • Share your solutions by writing roadmaps and short manuals.
  • Make user reports and overview of statistics.


  • Have at least MBO level.
  • Can use web services (REST).
  • Have experience with Linux (-like operating systems).
  • Have experience in scripting (for example PHP, Bash, Python, JavaScript).
  • Deal with (sensitive) data with integrity and care.
  • You're curious by nature and you like diving into new tools and techniques.
  • Work efficiently and thoroughly and find it easy as pie to set priorities.


Speakap is a secure and private platform that enables organisations of all sizes to reach and engage with their highly-valued (frontline/customer-facing) employees in order to deliver greater customer experience and business value.

On the shop floor, in the kitchen, on the ward, on the road, or on the production line… Speakap is always available, enabling communication and collaboration from any internet-connected device. From the head office to the frontline employee, and back again.

Speakap is currently used by more than 300 companies in 27 countries around the world. Market leaders such as MediaMarkt, Rituals, McDonalds and Hudson's Bay all engage smarter through Speakap.

Creating a committed and diverse workplace where we learn from each other is central to Speakap’s values. We welcome people with different backgrounds, experiences, qualities and perspectives. We offer a friendly and welcoming workplace and believe wholeheartedly in equal opportunities for everyone.



Up for the job?

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For questions reach out to: tim.jorna@speakap.nl /+(0)20 820 4296. 

Agency contact not appreciated.