Platform Engineer

Job description

What you'll do

You'll make sure that our platform, used by tens of thousands of users every day, is secure, is stable, and performant. You'll become part of a small but efficient multidisciplinary scrum team with a strong focus on automation, uptime, and performance of our cloud-based Linux platform. As a Linux expert, you play a vital role in the development of the application and platform.

To make sure we are always on top of things, we use SaaS and custom built solutions to monitor, forecast, and scale the many applications we host. Our systems run in the AWS cloud and private cloud environments using Debian Linux and are managed with Puppet. Our stack includes but isn't limited to Kubernetes, NGINX, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PHP 7, Node.js, Consul, and Haproxy.


  • Identify current and future bottlenecks, decide on how to move forward, and implement the actual solution.
  • Monitor the systems for potential threats and vulnerabilities and implement security measures to eliminate them.
  • Solve service disruptions to make sure our application recovers with minimal downtime.
  • Work closely with backend developers to set up deployment pipelines, provision VMs
  • Provide support to non-technical departments
  • Install and maintain new components and services, set up monitoring, and advise on subjects like scalability, resiliency, and redundancy.

Who you’ll be working with

As a Platform Engineer, you'll join our Site Reliability Team of one Senior System Engineer and two Senior Backend Engineers. The Site Reliability team works closely with Speakap's entire tech department. 

Job requirements

What you bring to the table

You are a team player with great communication skills and you love working with other developer. Of course you have experience in monitoring production systems and diagnosing complex issues as they occur before they become problems. Further, you have: 

  • Extensive Linux/UNIX experience at a large scale. 
  • You've worked with web services when it comes to deployment, load balancing, and performance tuning. 
  • Experience with Configuration Management and Automation: Puppet, Terraform, Ansible (experience with at least one).
  • Experience with MariaDB or MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, NGINX, Haproxy, Consul (experience with at least three). 
  • You've worked with cloud environments such as AWS and/or CloudStack. 
  • Experience in monitoring, tuning, and configuring database systems for performance, availability, integrity, and scalability. 
  • You're able to validate and advise on SRE aspects of system/software design. 
  • Extensive knowledge of network security aspects (firewalls, intrusion detection). 
  • Deep knowledge of network internals, protocols, and the OSI model. 
  • Experience with containerization. 
  • You've run and configured Kubernetes or similar systems in production. 
  • You're not afraid to write code e.g. shell scripts, Python, PHP (experience wit at least two of the examples mentioned).