Managing Director USA

Job description

Our Vision

2,7 billion frontline employees are left out of the dark. They don’t have a corporate email, device or other channel to communicate. We can do better. We need to do better. Speakap started as an internal social network to solve the problem of reaching employees in places where corporates could not reach them before. And this worked. It worked brilliantly.

As Speakap matures, customers want to get more out of their social networks because finally they can engage their employees but there’s so much more to share and help employees with, from learning new things to managing their workload. That’s where we want to help our customers. This is where Speakap’s future is.

Three years from now, internal communication is still at the core of what we do, but we reach more employees at more moments during the day. We do that by offering one app that helps organizations and frontline employees get work done, in whatever way they need. We know we are succeeding when we are the app that starts and ends every workday of your frontline employees.

Setting the context

From the humble beginnings of our founders as retail managers working to solve a communication challenge they faced first-hand, we’ve expanded the company globally from Lelystad (a tiny Dutch town) to New York, growing double digits year over year, and are not slowing down any time soon.

Historically, Speakap has generated much of its revenue in the Benelux. Over the last few years we have opened up shop in the US, UK, Germany & Spain. We have made all the mistakes, from making the wrong hiring decisions to being overly positive about the funnel. Nonetheless, we have traction in the USA three years after founding our US entity. This surely is something that very few scale-ups can say!

As we are entering a new phase of our operation in the USA, we want to work with people who can make the right decisions and support us in making the right decisions. Currently, one of our founders is in the market and it’s time to move into team-led sales, customer success, support and everything in between. Yes, the US needs to become a self-running business whilst being supported from Amsterdam. Currently, growth in the USA is looking very promising and we are ready to double down. Our global teams want to help as the US is at the center of our company strategy. We are ready to win this market.

Your scope

In this role, you will work with your team across the USA and in Amsterdam to build credibility for Speakap in the market, build the best team and help customers adopt Speakap.

This role is perfect for somebody with a founder mindset who appreciates small-ish companies that move fast. Somebody who loves tech products that can change the lives of its users. And somebody who gets excited about challenging a market.

You will lead the key aspects of the US business: sales, customer success, implementation and support.

Things you will do

At Speakap, we believe that our ability to adapt to new realities will give us a competitive edge. We celebrate the fact that we learn from our customers and you every day, even if that means we need to revisit your projects and responsibilities based on those learnings. Having said that, here are a few things we envision you will lead and help with until we learn otherwise:

  • In this role you will have full P&L responsibility for the US operations - and will be expected to drive growth and success by initiating new strategic approaches within the market

  • Our US team is at three FTE at the moment. We expect you to aggressively grow your team the moment you join and throughout the years to come.

  • Be the bridge between Amsterdam and the US where you find a balance between localisation and doing things at scale

  • Design the winning sales playbooks that will help us get to predictable revenue over time

  • Provide sales coaching by joining conversations with prospects and customers

  • Streamline sales & marketing processes where you see opportunities, eg. lead to demo phase, demo to proposal phase or pilot to roll-out phase

  • Develop the best approach to customer success in the US whilst tapping into the experience of Speakap over the last 10 years

  • Work with the CRO on value proposition, both for the short and long-term

  • Work with the CRO on the wider commercial strategy 12 to 24 months

  • Work with the CFO on forecasting and financial planning for the next 6 to 12 months.

There must be things we are missing? Are you ready to tell us what that is?

How we measure our success

As we know you love data and performance just as much as we do, here are a few metrics that we would like to use when measuring our progress:

  • Revenue: YoY growth of recurring revenue

  • Customer value: pilot to roll-out conversion, time to roll-out, customer satisfaction

  • Costs: customer acquisition costs

  • People: employee satisfaction and employee productivity

Job requirements

No worries...we do not believe in unicorns. We hire you to tell us what to do instead of telling you what to do. Having said that, we would love to be able to tap into your past experience, both successes and failures. It would be great to see you bring things like:

  • You are a strategic, analytical thinker who isn't afraid to roll up your sleeves and get into the weeds: you excel in day-to-day managing a team using empathy, metrics and vision.

  • You are an inspiring leader and know how to get your team to reach the best results together: you have 5+ years of experience in a people manager role where you have managed 10+ FTE international teams based in different areas.

  • You lead the way: you want to be in the room with the team when the deals are happening.

  • You know how to sell: you have 10+ years experience in a commercial role and worked with prospects in 100K+ annual contract value deals.

  • You have scaled before: you have hired, grew, and expanded a go-to-market team to triple digits growth. Ideally, you have done all of this in a subscription business.

  • You know and love a high-growth company's imperfections: bonus points for past working experience in scale-ups and start-ups.

  • You are a tech-savvy leader: You understand the value of scalable systems and processes that will help you coach your teams, provide intel to other teams at Speakap (eg. product management) and help scale faster than we realistically can grow headcount.

  • You know and love a high-growth company's imperfections: 10+ years of experience in fast-paced environments within technology, startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

  • You have solved our buyer's pains before: bonus points for you if you have a network of HR, internal comms, and exec leaders.

  • You're empathetic and easily put yourself in other people’s shoes. You realize that not everyone has the same skill set and that smart people sometimes make mistakes, from our employees to our customers.

  • You are data-driven. You use data to uncover opportunities and understand what levers to pull to drive business results.

  • You have an appetite for learning. You come in with a ton of professional and life experience, but you're not done yet. You seek out the best way of working for us, whatever the theory or your experience tells you.

  • You're the human equivalent of the "Horse Whisperer." You understand people, sometimes better than they understand themselves. You use your superpowers of listening, asking questions, and giving guidance to get results done.

  • You are competitive. You want to win whatever it takes. You believe healthy revenues are the way to prove that our vision works.

  • You are structured and an organised worker, and you know how to make the operation run smoothly.