Customer Success Manager - Netherlands

Job description

Setting the context

From the humble beginnings of our founders as retail managers working to solve a communication challenge they faced first-hand, we’ve expanded the company globally from Lelystad to New York, growing 200% year over year, and are not slowing down any time soon.

A logical result of all that growth is a significant portfolio of large customers who all have their own set of dreams, goals and problems that they would like to see solved. In the meantime, Speakap is also the backbone to hundreds of smaller customer’s internal communications. Historically, these two groups of customers have been served in a very similar way whereas their needs and expectations widely differ. An added downside of this approach is that it will be extremely hard to scale financially. In other words, we have to be smarter about how we can help customers achieve their goals, irrespective of their size.

And while we are still very much on this journey, we have the ambition to adapt our ways to grow faster, healthier, and smarter. Historically, Speakap has generated much of its revenue in the Benelux. At the same time, we need to become better versions of ourselves to be more competitive. And that’s where you come in.

What you tell your friends you do at birthday parties:

Usually customers want to drive a certain change, eg. during a reorganisation or merger & acquisition. I help them implement the tools and get more out of these tools so that they can make change happen.

Your direct colleagues:

  • Sales teams

  • Customer success teams

Your internal stakeholders:

  • Marketing

  • Product

Your Scope

In your role, you are constantly shifting from an extremely proactive approach to a reactive approach. Customers have high expectations that they will voice at times while at other times they won’t be so loud. Yet, it’s your job to:

  • Plan ahead: where do your customers want to be 12 months from now? And do you think they are going to get there considering where they are today? Moreover, what important things are happening with customers that will affect your time, our product development and potential new sales? In summary, we expect you to be on top of your customers and know what’s keeping them up at night.

  • Onboard & Grow: you get customers up and running and are very involved in their initial campaigns focused on getting more employees to the platform. You also lead training sessions for internal stakeholders to make this happen.

  • Develop and implement relevant internal communications frameworks and theories: as we are growing, we are aiming to build a scalable toolkit on internal communications and change management to help new and existing customers flourish with Speakap.

  • Reactive account management: where people work, mistakes are bound to happen. That’s okay. You take customers by the hand and help them through solving the issue.

  • Proactive account management: you look for potential blockers during pilots and roll-outs. You will consider the customer’s goals and you regularly check-in with the customers how they are feeling about their pace towards their goals. You will actively drive the discussion on the return on investment of Speakap, even when customers don’t yet ask for it.

  • Help generate new sales pipeline: You are the person who can show our sales teams the opportunity and join them in their selling adventures. You are the best person to do this as you are in the trenches with the customer, every day again.

Things you might do

At Speakap, we believe that our ability to adapt to new realities gives us a competitive edge. We celebrate the fact that we learn from our customers and you every day, even if that means we need to revisit your projects and responsibilities based on those learnings. Having said that, here are a few things we envision you will lead and help with until we learn otherwise:

  • Onboard customers with complex needs and high expectations

  • Drive initial user adoption

  • Engage with customers on their return on investment of Speakap and how they can increase their return

  • Host quarterly business reviews with customers and their management teams

  • Develop trusted advisor relationships with decision makers and executive buyers in each account

  • Understand your client’s strategic goals and develop plans to partner on these goals

  • Build monthly reporting on Speakap’s impact for clients

  • Lead efforts to turn around at-risk clients

  • Cultivate broader usage of Speakap within our enterprise customers

  • Introduce new features and best practices to customers

  • Spot up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Partner with marketing & product management

How we measure our success

Your role is all about happy customers, the value they create for Speakap and maximising business impact based on the relationships that you create and manage with your customers. This impact can be measured by:

  • Customer happiness: Customer Effort Score & NPS

  • Up-sell & Cross-sell revenue: Customer success generated pipeline (both closed as total)

  • Renewal rate: Loyalty of your portfolio

Job requirements

Your professional background

No worries...we do not believe in unicorns. We hire you to tell us what to do instead of telling you what to do. Having said that, we would love to be able to tap into your past experience, both successes and failures. It would be great to see you bring things like:

  • An unstoppable customer focus on the customers, putting their wishes first every day

  • Experience in advising senior management stakeholders on change management topics, for example on how to optimise internal workflow processes

  • A thorough understanding of the HR (tech) landscape, and internal communications more specifically

  • Some experience in cross- and up-selling (commercial mindset)

  • 7+ years of work experience in customer-facing roles or managing (senior) internal stakeholders

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, both Dutch (native) and English

  • Credibility in the boardroom of enterprise companies

  • Keeping multiple balls in the air while maintaining a view of the bigger picture and perfecting the details

  • Attention to detail and ability to build detailed analysis

  • Bonus points if you...
    • ...know the differences between companies in scale-up mode versus those corporate mode

    • ...have worked with HR leaders and/or HR tech providers in the past

    • ….have experience in implementing new software that changed existing workflows for your customers or internal stakeholders

Your traits

  • You're empathetic to customers and can easily put yourself in their shoes. You realize that not everyone has the same skill set and that smart people sometimes make mistakes.

  • You're the human equivalent of the “Horse Whisperer”. You understand people, sometimes better than they understand themselves. Because you are naturally curious you are able to use your superpowers of listening, asking questions and giving guidance to get results done. This always results in the best strategic and creative solutions for your clients.

  • You remain calm under pressure. You constantly balance internal and external priorities. You know that when customers come across unreasonable at times, it’s nothing personal. As you can stay calm, you allow yourself to figure out their pain and what they are not telling you. That will help you solve customer issues.

  • You obsess over the details. You know the devil’s in the details and you love to find the devil ;-). From handling sensitive customer data with extreme care to swift follow-ups, you know these things that turn a good customer experience into a great customer experience.

  • You love solving problems. Every customer is different, many times radically so. You relish being able to meet their specific needs, and also solving their problems that may have gone unsaid.

  • You have grit in everything you do. You want to win for your customer together with your team whatever it takes. You believe healthy revenues are the way to prove that our vision actually works in practice.