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4 to 5 days a week · Amsterdam

Let’s start with some serious back-slapping. We’ve made a number of giant leaps here at Speakap recently. From the significant investment we recently won, to the opening of our UK office in London and growth over the Atlantic on the way soon too...

We consider Speakap to be a serious business with a large dose of fun. And we are now on the hunt for a trainee who, like all the very best hair styles, is business at the front and party at the back. Does the thought of being a small cog in a faceless corporation make you shudder and, let’s be honest, die a little inside..? Want to learn the ropes in a scale-up where you can also make a significant contribution? As an hbo or WO student, you can do an internship within one of these teams:

  • Human Resources: Under the jubilant guidance of our Chief Happiness Officer, you’ll learn everything about our people and what makes them tick. We are growing fast as an international team, which means a focus on recruitment, onboarding and a strong employment cycle. The HR team at Speakap has existed since, well, January… so there are many opportunities to pick up new projects and to be fully responsible for these.
  • Marketing: Creating ebooks, blogs, videos, whitepapers and more… our marketing team does everything it can to target potential new customers for our product and also build a community around our expertise. Social media, e-mail marketing, employer branding, personas, case studies… these are just some of the fun words you’ll get to use on a daily basis.
  • Communication / Public Relations: Well, this one is for people who enjoy a challenge! We regularly send out press releases, but of course there is much, much more to be done in this space. Are you the person to show us how?
  • Development: Within development, we have frontend, backend, mobile and quality assurance teams. Every team is involved in constantly improving the Speakap platform, for the mobile or web application. We also have many experts in-house that you can learn from. They’ll probably tell you stuff anyway.

Internship within any of these teams will incorporate full ownership of your own project, from start to end. Your project, your responsibility.

You are eligible if you are in the final year of your study program, are available 4 or 5 days a week, and you speak Dutch and English fluently.

We would like to hear from you!

Sneak peek of our company culture: 


Apply here

For questions reach out to annelies.boer@speakap.nl /+(0)20 820 4296.

Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated, so please don’t bother.