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Customer Success Manager

Full-time · Amsterdam

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much but we at Speakap currently have more than 350 customers, and we’re growing fast. So many customers, so many expectations to be exceeded… Being the bearer of such enjoyment, organization and clear communication is the job of our Customer Success Managers. If this sounds like the kind of role that would get you out of bed in the morning, then you’re in luck - we’re recruiting.

As a CSM’er, you are the rock our customers cling to. You effortlessly take decisive actions. You are not afraid to make mistakes. You take a weird amount of joy in being the link between a question from the customer and our product’s technology. The thought of busying yourself with the implementation of our app with new customers and providing updates or changes to existing customers has you wild-eyed and eager to start. Is this you? Really? Nice… keep on reading.


  • Put the wishes of the customer first and, if you had one, you’d wear a t-shirt saying “100% customer satisfaction” every single day

  • Can provide consultation on every level within an organization and propose the right changes to make the implementation become a great success

  • Are experienced in supporting big accounts and have great communication on every level within the company 

  • Communicate clearly with both clients and colleagues, in both Dutch and English

  • Know what the word 'tact' means and know how to use it in your contact with customers
    are some sort of organizational modern wonder, can keeping many balls in the air while maintaining a view of the big picture and continuing to work accurately
    educated to academic level

  • Like to actively search for solutions to problems that customers face
    can identify new Speakap best practices based on customer requirements
    cooperate with other departments to translate wishes around customers' products into solutions

  • Are stress-proof, and can effortlessly act in a fast changing environment

  • Have more than 3 years of work experience in a customer-facing role
    want to get started in a growing team and won’t hesitate to give your input
    are available full-time



Speakap is a secure and private platform that enables organizations of all sizes to reach and engage with their highly-valued (frontline/customer-facing) employees in order to deliver greater customer experience and business value.

On the shop floor, in the kitchen, on the ward, on the road, or on the production line… Speakap is always available, enabling communication and collaboration from any internet-connected device. From the head office to the frontline employee, and back again.

Speakap is currently used by more than 350 companies in 30 countries around the world. Market leaders such as MediaMarkt, Rituals, McDonald's and Hudson's Bay all engage smarter through Speakap.

Creating a committed and diverse workplace where we learn from each other is central to Speakap’s values. We welcome people with different backgrounds, experiences, qualities and perspectives. We offer a friendly and welcoming workplace and believe wholeheartedly in equal opportunities for everyone.


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For questions reach out to: annelies.boer@speakap.nl /+(0)20 820 4296.

Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated, so please don’t bother.